Module 1: Week 2: The Creative Challenge

Rapid Ideation Techniques The fist technique I applied was to create a mind map. I found this a useful way to order my thoughts. However, I used an online tool Miro for the first time and as I wasn’t used to the software I think it slowed down my flow. I will need to setContinue reading “Module 1: Week 2: The Creative Challenge”

Module 1: Week 2: UX and AI

The Brief: “do some quick research into how AI is being used within your own specialism”.  I wanted to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently used to enhance the User Experience (UX). I found a very informative online Stamford Lecture that I have tried to summarise in this post with some additional information from otherContinue reading “Module 1: Week 2: UX and AI”