GDD730 – Module:2 Week:5 Norming

This week the team are preparing for the presentation next week. I think that we are all feeling the time pressure as the ideation took longer than anticipated and our concept is not yet fully realised. Each of the team members now has an agreed role or roles. I have put myself forward for 3Continue reading “GDD730 – Module:2 Week:5 Norming”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 2: Team Ideation

The aim of my role at work is to set up projects for success. I have enjoyed the initiation stage of team formation. I think establishing good practice and structure at the early stage will help us throughout the delivery process. This week I have set up a FigJam white board space for the teamContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 2: Team Ideation”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 1: Team Formation Coordination

I am excited to embark on the Co-creative Design and Development Practice Module. My preference would always be to work collaboratively as part of a team. I am also looking forward to being part of a multidisciplinary team and having the opportunity to learn from my peers and impart my knowledge As part of theContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 1: Team Formation Coordination”