GDD730 – Module 2: Week 11: Adjourning

Define the term ‘Personal Brand’ “A personal brand is a widely-recognized and largely-uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large” (Definition – What is a Personal Brand? |, 2021). Regarding thinking about my Personal Brand I haveContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 11: Adjourning”

GDD730 Module: 2 Week: 7 – Performing

“A high performing team should focus on efficiency and optimisation, rather than person hours and maximising effort” This weeks objective from the course content “This week we focus on the theory and practice of measuring, analysing and improving team performance. We do this now in the hope that you will find ways of improving team performance throughout the lastContinue reading “GDD730 Module: 2 Week: 7 – Performing”


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