GDD730 – Module 2: Week 12: Fin

Twelve weeks ago, I met four strangers to form a team. We all had different backgrounds, interests, and schedules but were united by a passion for UX Design and an appetite to learn. I am so proud of what the team has achieved with the Transend platform in a relatively short space of time. OurContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 12: Fin”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 11: Adjourning

Define the term ‘Personal Brand’ “A personal brand is a widely-recognized and largely-uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large” (Definition – What is a Personal Brand? |, 2021). Regarding thinking about my Personal Brand I haveContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 11: Adjourning”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 8: Intellectual Property

Before I start looking at the course content this week, I want to reflect on the team. The feedback we received from the industry expert was that our idea was too conceptual. I think this criticism was constructive as the feedback, coupled with the course focus on metrics, has made the team focus on planningContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 8: Intellectual Property”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 10: Industry Insight 2

Crunch Mode Last week when we discussed crunch mode as a team and strategies, a few things came up. Collectively we all felt capable and in control of delivering our project work. However, I raised a concern about the blog posts as I have fallen behind. We decided as a team to split into twoContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 10: Industry Insight 2”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 9: Industry Insight

We had a great team meeting on Saturday. Matt drew sealant points out of the feedback that we had received from the professionals regarding our pitch. Gordon had completed some amazing work on the low fidelity wireframes and customer journey. The introduction of the Trello Board and being action focused has helped me feel moreContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 9: Industry Insight”

GDD730 Module: 2 Week: 7 – Performing

“A high performing team should focus on efficiency and optimisation, rather than person hours and maximising effort” This weeks objective from the course content “This week we focus on the theory and practice of measuring, analysing and improving team performance. We do this now in the hope that you will find ways of improving team performance throughout the lastContinue reading “GDD730 Module: 2 Week: 7 – Performing”

GDD730 Module:2 Week:6 The Practice Pitch

This week I have started to review and analyse the data collected in the online survey. Talking about the results and questions asked with the broader Team, I have realised that I should have focused more on the end product. Due to time restrictions, I have not been able to conduct additional research. So toContinue reading “GDD730 Module:2 Week:6 The Practice Pitch”

GDD730 Module 2: Week 4: Pitching

Pitching  This week the focus of the course content is pitching. Pitching is something that makes me feel quite anxious. I am confident at presenting ideas in one to one or small group settings. I find the idea of pitching to a larger audience or individuals I do not know quite intimidating. I am relievedContinue reading “GDD730 Module 2: Week 4: Pitching”

GDD730 – Module 2: Week 3: Storming

Storming: This week in the course we are entering the storming phase and will be investigating“the theory, techniques and tools that can be used to harness the power ofconflict and overcome the dysfunctions of teams”. The course content andstudies are encouraging us as individuals to stop being polite and be honest.This makes me feel slightlyContinue reading “GDD730 – Module 2: Week 3: Storming”

GDD730 – Module:2 Week:5 Norming

This week the team are preparing for the presentation next week. I think that we are all feeling the time pressure as the ideation took longer than anticipated and our concept is not yet fully realised. Each of the team members now has an agreed role or roles. I have put myself forward for 3Continue reading “GDD730 – Module:2 Week:5 Norming”