Module 1: Week 6: Reading Week

Reading Week

The reading week is a welcome pause for me as I have had a major issue in my personal life that has meant I have not been well enough to priorities my studies. I am planning to use this week to catch up so that I have all my blogs published and up to date.

My goal for this week is to read the following: 

To read the Design Thinking Playbook from the Ideation and Reflective practice reading list. I have had more experience in Agile and already done more research, so I am not going to focus on that element of the course this week.

Interim Retrospective:


  • Adding deadlines or timings to the tasks on my Kanban board
  • Academic reading either a journal article or a reference book each week to inform my practice.
  • Setting myself a weekly goal
  • Learn a new piece of software or technique in each sprint
  • Build relationships with my peers
  • Putting my opinion forward in the Webinars
  • Asking the tutors when I need support or direction


  • Spending so much time trying to find reference online
  • Discuss my ideas at inception
  • Having notes in multiple places
  • Not writing up my journal entries on time
  • Scope creep  


  • Taking online tutorials
  • Downloading and experimenting with new tools
  • Contributing to the discussion forums


Lewrick, M., Link, P. and Leifer, L., 2018. The design thinking playbook. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, pp.1-40.

(2015). What is a Retrospective? [Online]. Agile Alliance. Available at: [Accessed 07 April 2021].

Elliott, T., 2021. [image].

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