Module 1: Week 4: Rapid Ideation Kick-Off

Rapid Ideation Session 1 Kick-Off

The Theme

The theme is derived from two parts: a surrealist image from the board game Dixit and a news article headline. I chose the headline Boston Dynamics “Robot Dog is Now Armed in the Name of Art” taken from the Wired website. I selected the article title because I thought it was amusing, it also made me think about the previous weeks’ research into Artificial Intelligence.­­ 


I used Miro snd the brainstorming technique as I find this a fast method for coming up with ideas and linking ideas together. 

The things that stood out from the brainstorm: 

Balance, time, feeling dragged down 

The Idea 

I had been contemplating time management and balance so I decided to create a time management application for Students. 

When I conducted some research and evaluated time management applications on the market, I noticed that they were brilliant for planning and recording time and providing some analysis. However, they lacked insight into what was influencing the amount of time dedicated to activities. My goal was to create an application that would help individual students improve estimating and gain a deeper understanding of what other factors were driving the way they managed their time.  

I found trying to combine the card and the article quite challenging. I decided to focus on the Dixit card and use the acritical to influence the application name and elements of the aesthetic and design. 


There are so many considerations, content, design, navigation, and user interaction.  I created a Kanban board to manage the tasks:

The Approach

I hand drew an outline of what I wanted to include in the application initially then started to work in Figma. I chose Figma as I had used the tool the previous week, and I wanted to focus on the concept and not get too distracted by learning a new programme. 


As I commenced work on the design in Figma I realised that I would have to adapt my initial outline design to enable the application to function as I intended. I struggled with translating my ideas to the application at first as I have not designed anything similar before. 

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